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Nicole A.

"The Ankeny Rose is owned and operated by amazing women who approach childcare with compassion, love, and care. They always have fun and creative activities for the children. They are truly dedicated to making sure your children are not only taken care of, but entertained and comfortable. They adjust their expectations to your child's  needs. I highly recommend this establishment for childcare, and truly believe that you won't be disappointed."

Claire B.

"The Ankeny Rose is an invaluable asset to the Portland community. To find a group of teachers that care so deeply for all of their children and families is awe inspiring. The joy my daughter has as she returns home after a day in their care is palpable. She wants to show me every art project and tell me about every adventure and imaginative play their minds created. Robin, the Director and Head Teacher is incredibly passionate about connecting with each child and helping them to feel seen and heard. She has a special heart that the kids notice. I highly recommend The Ankeny Rose!" 

Lucia P.

"I love all the projects they come home with.  So fun and cute!" 

Heather D.

"Even though it was his first time spent away from home, my son had an amazing time at The Ankeny Rose Summer Arts Camp. He developed quite a love for making art projects and new friends. Weeks later, he is still talking about the fun things he did at camp and is truly looking forward to preschool thanks to this experience." 

Meghan R.

"Summer camp at The Ankeny Rose has been an opportunity for lots of firsts for my daughter. First classroom setting, first teachers, new peers, and time away from mom. Teacher Robin, Trisha, and Llewellyn have created a lovely environment to support little ones' imaginative and energetic spirits! They provide structure, make space for exploring, creating, problem solving, respect and kindness. It has been amazing to watch her grow! We are so grateful that we found The Ankeny Rose Early Learning Center!"

Chris B.

"My daughter is excited for everyday that she gets to spend at The Ankeny Rose Early Learning Center! She is making new friends and building  community with the excellent staff. She is learning so much and making lifelong memories."
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