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Robin Brown

Director/ Head Teacher 

Robin is a native Oregonian. She has been working with children for nearly 20 years. Robin has a background in Social Work, Special Education, Behavioral Therapy, and Early Childhood Education.


Along with being a wife and mother to five daughters, Robin’s favorite role is teaching. She often says that children are her favorite type of people, they bring so much joy and honesty into the world.


Robin’s approach to teaching is to have structure and consistency; while showing enthusiasm, humor, kindness, and patience. 


When Robin isn’t in the classroom; you'll find her crafting, reading, thrifting, eating yummy food, practicing her clowning, and dreaming of travel. 

LLewellyn Munzing 

Owner / Founder


Llewellyn Munzing was born in Portland, Oregon. She's a photographer, a digital designer, as well as a poet. Llewellyn holds a certificate in Graphic Design from Pacific Northwest College of Art. She is also a self published author. 

Llewellyn is a mother and a world traveler, she has traveled with her children to over 20 countries!


Llewellyn previously worked as a nanny for over six years. Her focus was  teaching art to the children.


“As someone who is extremely enthusiastic about creativity, I make it a daily practice to express myself artistically.” 

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