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We are enrolling for summer and fall! Contact us for a tour!  
The Ankeny Rose 
Early Learning Center


Build Community

  • Make new friends

  • Engage with our dedicated teachers

  • Practice collaboration, empathy, and problem solvin


  • Introduction to American Sign Language

  • Hands-on and play-based learning through STEM and literacy stations

  • Emphasis on a student directed and inquiry-based learning environment

  • Weekly themes that introduce core concepts

Art Focus

  • Discover a variety of art techniques: painting, oil pastels, watercolor, drawing, pottery, beading, collage, and much more!

  • Develop a base knowledge  of art history

  • Explore process art by using sensory materials

Holistic Learning

  • Practice yoga, meditation, and mindfulness 

  • Dance and sing to a variety of musical genres

  • Play instruments or even make your own

Stage Craft

  • Perform on stage

  • Play improv games

  • Explore different costumes and backdrops

  • Try your hand at puppeteering 

Outdoor Exploration

  • Make a fairy garden

  • Blow Bubbles

  • Zoom around on a ride-on toy

  • Create a masterpiece with sidewalk chalk

  • Build gross motor skills on our climbing equipment

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